300 Writing Prompts

So I bought this book 300 Writing Prompts when I was in LA killing my time waiting for my agent. I thought it will help me express myself more and get more brownie points for my writing skills.


It consists a lot of random questions. 300 Questions! Questions which you can hear in beauty contests and see on essays. Plus I thought maybe one day in the future, when I see this and read it, I will laugh back to myself and ask myself, why did I write this? LOL So hoping I can do this time to time and share it all with you guys! You can answer back if you want.

What I will do is open the book, choose a Question of the day and try to answer it. So now counting to 5….4…3..2…1 posting in a bit!

-h 💋


One thought on “300 Writing Prompts

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